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About Us

“The ‘Men in Sheds’ movement started in Australia over 20 years ago. It was in response to a need for a place where men could meet and interact with each other; sharing skills, gained during their working lives, and undertaking projects for the benefit of the community. ‘The Shed’, as it’s known, incorporates a vast expanse of talent which includes carpentry, mechanics and electronics.
Biggin Hill Men In Sheds was started in 2016 and was supported by Age UK. We flourished, but due to the end of central support funding, we were given a stark choice; go-it alone or close down. We became independent in 2019!!
We have been asked to participate in various projects and to make a variety of items. A sample of these can be seen on our gallery page. Early in 2019 in response to many requests, we extended our shed to include ladies. Thus ‘She-Shed’ was born. They have their own exclusive day, Friday, and they also share our facility with our men on Thursdays. Not only do they occupy themselves with craftware, but they have also proved their expertise in woodwork and other skills.
We run a repair café on the last Saturday of each month. This is designed to reduce landfill and to convince people that replacement of an item is not always necessary. Items for repair can be brought along and we’ll see what we can do to repair and make good. The Café is open from 11am to 3pm. We do not charge for this but a donation is always welcome. Should spare parts be required clients will be told what to order and to return when the ‘bits’ are to hand.

About Us



We need large pallets to enable us to make our bin cupboards. If anyone has some let us know and we'll collect. Many thanks.


We are looking for a pallet truck. If anyone has one surplus to requirement it would help us in loading our projects into our trailer. We can be contacted via the Contact page.

Repair Cafe

The next Repair Café will be on Saturday 28th March between 11am and 3pm. Come and see us.


  • 33 Church Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham, TN16 3LD