Good afternoon all!   We’ve all been hoping that our enforced closure of ‘The Shed’ would end soon. It’s now nearly eleven months since we locked the doors to ordinary shedding.  So how have you all been occupying your time? I’m sure that most people have a story to tell.  How about a few lines from everyone letting us know what you’ve been up to? If you’d like to email me with your titbits, I’ll collect them together and circulate them to all Shed Members.    

From Les There hasn't really been much to get up to this new year that is anything different to last year from March onwards though there was the distraction of manufacturing the face visors at the shed last year. With the lockdown kicking in last year and still prevailing now, the garden clubs I was attending have all ceased, so all in all "B****R ALL" to do this year so far! It's at least entertaining to go walking for some personal health and exercise and to see all the foolhardy idiots still walking around and shopping etc as if they are immune and just enjoying and extended holiday LOL With the bad weather it has been pretty impossible to get any garden work done at home but just looking forward to the sunshine showing its face to make doing "B****R ALL" in the garden so much more enjoyable LOL    

From our President Working, as normal, for my wonderful, darling residents of Biggin Hill! 

From Derek Hi Peter, just a few lines to let you know how I managed to cope with the 1st lockdown. Decided to demolish my rotting shed, and with the help of the boss (she being the arsonist in the family) we burnt what was no good and used the rest to patch up the fence (which was also rotting), being unable to buy any new fencing. Managing to find a timber yard that had the timber to build a new bigger shed, if not fencing, I with the help of Her Indoors, built a new bigger shed and it came out well. As the weather improved and restrictions eased managed to have a few weeks away caravanning. Back into lockdown again and with the weather not encouraging us to get into the garden we have spent most of the winter hiking around Biggin Hill (didn't realise we had so much beautiful scenery around us) and on our return playing snooker/pool on the table I kindly bought her for her last birthday. Hope I haven't waffled on too much, hope everyone is keeping well! Looking forward to seeing you all in the near future 

From Paul Good morning Peter, thank you for your email. As you may know, I suffer from pulmonary fibrosis of the lungs, so I have been shielding a lot of the time. During that time, I have had three bouts of pneumonia, resulting in two hospital admissions. I have also made an obelisk and built two raised beds for my garden. During the few weeks I was allowed out in summer, I went to my daughter’s house in Edenbridge, and repaired part of her fence which had rotted away. a fence post, arris rail and feather board uprights. I was helped by her partner and the usual ample supply of coffee and biscuits, that we are used to in The Shed. Hope all the other shedders are keeping safe and I look forward to the reopening of the shed. By the way, did you know that there is now a shed in Sevenoaks? Stay safe & regards.   

From Gaynor Hope you and your family are keeping well and safe and suddenly everything is underlined 🥴 that’s better. Soooo where do I begin? Started with making 50 scrub bags and hats Masks for family friends and neighbours 1 birthday and 3 Christmas quilts Dog jumpers for my daughter’s online dog accessories shop 1 wisdom tooth extraction (ouch) Read so many books and can recommend ‘The Good Samaritan’ (thriller) by John Marrs, ‘Dumped Actually’ (humour) by Nick Spalding. ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ (murder mystery) by Richard Osman. Lost my mojo about 4 times and wonder if I have lost the art of conversation. Son now engaged to girlfriend. Discovered Buzz (our dog) has heart problems so now on medication for the rest of his life. Kept sane by the She Shed WhatsApp group. I think that just about covers it! 

From Jackie At the beginning of lockdown, I had my daily walk with my dog avoiding everyone where possible. I have a few elderly clients that I visit spending time chatting to them trying to keep their spirits up and getting their shopping etc all PPE’d up etc. During the summer months I spent a lot of time in the garden and had an abundance of fruit and veg much of which were frozen or pickled. John and I even managed to get a COVID-19 secure weekend away to Broadstairs and then a week away to Devon. In November we became grandparents fir the first time to a gorgeous grandson and we are so looking forward to flying to Australia to meet him. More recently we both caught COVID-19 after Christmas and although we didn’t have it as severely as some people, we did feel pretty unwell for a couple of weeks. I am now looking forward to receiving the vaccine and the birth of my new granddaughter in April. 

From Eric Good to hear from you, Not doing much outside at the moment just going for walks and clearing leaves from my garden. Inside I have been playing my ukulele and I am using Jamkazam to jam with friend on-line, and made a video I have also been Zooming a lot with my family looking at our new grandson. Catherine and I have also joined SELFolk and going through some of their music on Zoom with the group. Also lots of odd jobs around the house. I also made a video of Catherine's choir (Just Voices) they were all singing at home (coming to their website soon). 

From Alan Before I joined The Shed, I always had the hobbies! The artwork and the railway modelling has kept me busy throughout intermixed with daily walks and weekly Sainsbury home deliveries. Not forgetting the garden and hot tub!! Fortunately, we were able to use the caravan at West Wittering from the 4th of July until winter closure at the end of October, so it got fully used by all the family. Considering we’ve lived in Biggin Hill for 40 years; it’s been great discovering so many brilliant local walks. 

From Peter M Keeping an eye on The Shed and meeting up, when allowed with a few other Members to break down pallets and store them to ensure that we have loads of material ready at hand for when we re-open. Jobs at home, outside during the summer but within in the less clement weather. We’ve also tried to lend a hand with local issues through Friends of The Park, Biggin Hill Residents’ Association & our Safer Neighbourhood Panel.